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Adrian Gordon  – Freelance Writer/Blogger

Short History On How I Got Started

My name is Adrian Gordon and I am a freelance writer who resides in Kingston Jamaica. After spending a few years in the faculty of Computing and Engineering (at the University of Technology) I quickly developed an intense passion, in fact, an obsession with technology that still persists to this day. At that time in my life I was sure that coding was all I ever wanted to do and, in truth, even created a little start up company that would allow me the freedom to do just that for the rest of my life. This, or so I thought, was a dream come true. Ironically however, it was this very venture that  introduced me to the joys of writing and changed my life forever.

After persisting for a couple of months I had managed to scrape together a few customers and was doing OK (making at least some money) but, for some reason, something was still missing. It was then that by sheer fate I got my first true taste of professional (ish) writing and have not looked back since.

One of my customers, of whom I had previously supplied with a few logo’s for his new business, approached me with an offer to write for his (yet to be released ) website. I asked, as you would expect, “what’s in it for me” and when he replied “nothing” I immediately teared up in laughter on the inside (don’t want to lose the customer). After a while however I met upon a little slump and, at that moment, had nothing better to do. I thought “what the heck” and decided to take him up on his offer. After thoroughly examining the product (a video in this case) I started to write the review and, to my astonishment, was having a blast. I have always been a very analytical and opinionated person so the chance to get my thoughts down in writing and out there for the world to see gave me a rush like no other.

After writing a few for him I came to realise that I had a knack for this writing thing and began to write blog posts on my (original) business website for fun. I ended up having more fun writing these articles than performing the actual work itself and, as you can guess,  it was all downhill from there (or uphill depending on how you look at it).

Writing Preferences

As I have previously stated, I am a very analytical person and so, as you can expect, it is natural for me to prefer projects in which I am able to dive deeply into a topic (or a product/service) and write a well-informed piece on the subject. That being said, projects such as reviews, article writing, and blog posts are my forte.

This however, does not mean that I am in any way limited to these disciplines as I am also quite proficient in creating web content (written content for websites) as well as SEO article writing and product descriptions.

Note! : I do not do ghost writing of any kind but, I have no problem directing you to someone who does.

Knowledge Areas

Due to my technical background and I very knowledgeable on anything related to the Technology industry. This, to be honest, is my bread and butter but I am also well-informed on a variety of other topics such as science, business, internet marketing, music (Hip-Hop Reggae, R&B, Soul), gaming,  social issues and, of course, topics related to the Caribbean.

Interested to Work Together !

If you are interested in viewing some examples of my past work please visit the “Paper Trail” section of my website. If however you are already aware of the superb quality of the content I produce or, you would like to ask me a question directly, head straight to the  “Get in Touch” section.