General Article Sample

7 Sep

A general article is a piece of content that has no pre-defined purpose or layout. Opinion pieces, informational articles, comedy pieces, and rants all fall under the banner of “General Article”. Visit the link below to view an example of a general article.

What Are Bitcoins And Should You Use Them ?

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News Article Sample

6 Sep

A news article is a piece of written content whose main objective is to convey a current events story to the reader. News articles should be well researched and, of course, also be  void of personal bias. The best news articles make reference (where necessary) to the information source and do nothing but state the available facts (allowing readers to decide for themselves). The following is an example of a news article.

Xbox One Smartglass: Details & Features Revealed!

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Review Sample

4 Sep

A review is an in-depth evaluation of a product or service meant to, in some way, inform a decision. It requires the reviewer to spend time with the product and gain a well-rounded, unbiased, assessment of both its strengths and weaknesses before the writing process can begin. While the description section of the review should be undoubtedly objective, there is usually some wiggle room to insert a small amount of personal opinion into the piece. (humans want to hear what other humans think). The following is a review that displays the qualities outlined above.

CNN’s “Weed” Looks At Marijuana Debate – Legitimacy Of Medical Use

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List Style Article Sample

3 Sep

Unlike regular articles, list style articles are usually created purely for entertainment purposes (though can sometimes be informative). They tend to require large amounts of research as well as careful consideration for each item on the list. The following is a list style article that was both informative and entertaining.

Top 5 Xbox Game Deals – Before Xbox One Launch, Games Go On Sale

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SEO Web Content Sample

1 Sep

Why Do You Need SEO Content

When Google, or any other search engine, initially visits your website (or webpage) it, believe it or not, has no idea what it’s about. In an attempt to gain this knowledge they scan the content of your website/webpage and use that information (along with other variables) to determine your relevance and ranking in their listing.

Because of the dependence on algorithms to perform this task your website, images and all,  is converted entirely into text before it can be analyzed. The search algorithm then, though a series of calculations, creates relationships between the content on your website and, what it believes to be, the intent of a users search query. If the algorithm believes that your content matches the intent of the search query, your website is then given a position on the listing and appears in the search results accordingly.

In order to ensure that your website get the “treatment” it deserves from the search engines you will have to make certain that the content (both written and visual) on your website reflects the services that you offer (to the search engine). This is why it is important do in depth research into the keywords (search words) associated with your services in order to create content that is both of high quality, and easily readable (and relatable) by the search engines.

Poorly written content (written without the adequate keyword research) will ensure that you will never be ranked for the searches relevant to your business. As a business owner you can well imagine how important it is to be ranked highly (and for your desired keywords) in the search engines. You rankings could very well mean the difference between 2 customers and month and 80. Below is an example of a professionally written piece of web content created with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind.

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8 Aug

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